The Team 2017

Every year a new group of students comes together to organise the conference. Fortunately there a many materials from the previous years that can be used. However every conference should be original and therefore the team gets to create a whole new conference if they wish to.

In 2017 motivated students came together again to shape this year’s conference. A majority of the organisational team are students from the master programme “Sustainability Economics & Management”.


Vorname Nachname Team / Workshop
Sophie Berg Logistik, Workshop: „One size fits all?!“
Heinrich Blaß Marketing
Axel Bruns Finanzen
David Dohmann Logistik
Janika Hintzsche Marketing, Workshop: „One size fits all?!“
Veronika Hönes Finanzen, Workshop: „One size fits all?!“
Caroline Hoops Workshop: „Von Recycling, Plastikvermeidung und Zero Waste“
Antonia Kaiser Rahmenprogramm
Luise Kaiser Rahmenprogramm, Workshop: „Von Recycling, Plastikvermeidung und Zero Waste“
Britta Klages Workshop: „Kritische Küche“
Kristina Kötterheinrich Workshop: „Von Recycling, Plastikvermeidung und Zero Waste“
Ilir Neziri Marketing, Logistik
Helena Post Rahmenprogramm, Logistik
Philipp Quentmeier Finanzen, Marketing
Tanja Schäfer Rahmenprogramm
Jennifer Schneider Marketing, Workshop: „One size fits all?!“
Elisabeth Wagener Finanzen, Marketing
Vanessa Witt Logistik, Workshop: „One size fits all?!“
Mo Wittkamp  Rahmenprogramm, Workshop: „Kritische Küche“


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